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Karnataka State Medical and Dental 
Alumni Association of USA

Karnataka State Medical and Dental 
Alumni Association of USA

Incoming President Letter


Dear Esteemed Members of the KSMDAA,

As I accept the role incoming president of KSMDAA with humbleness and humility my heart swells with excitement and gratitude. The coming year, 2024, holds immense promise for our KSMDAA and I am honored to embark on this journey with each of you.

Our shared legacy is one of compassion, togetherness, and cordiality. As we look ahead, let us celebrate the accomplishments that bind us and envision a future that surpasses our wildest aspirations. Together, we form a network of brilliance, resilience, and unwavering dedication to advancing the best qualities of humanity.

In the New Year 2024, not only do I see meaningful opportunities for collaboration and collective growth, but once in a lifetime opportunity to actively participate and celebrate the centenary celebrations of our beloved “Mysore Medical College”.

I am optimistic that our combined efforts will define who we are and what we can do to help and assist fellow citizens in need.

I am eager to foster an environment where every KSMDAA member contributes their unique talents, and together, we propel our organization to new heights.

May the New Year 2024 bring each of you joy, prosperity, and moments of profound fulfillment. Here's to a year of shared accomplishments, lasting connections, and the continued success of our esteemed alumni family.

I take this opportunity to thank my predecessor Dr Krishna and his entire administration team who worked tirelessly to elevate the stature of KSMDAA to the present level.

From our family to yours, Happy New Year 2024.

Sincerely yours,
Haravu Lokesh
727 542 7358

Haravu Lokesh

President KSMDAA
Karnataka State Medical and Dental Alumni Association

KSMDAA Objectives

Profession of Medicine & Dentistry

To advance the profession of Medicine and Dentistry

Advanced in Education of Medical

To contribute to the advancement of education of medical professionals

Medical professional of Karnataka origin

To bring together all medical professional of Karnataka origin & who have an ancestral link to Karnataka

Cohesive Group & work with other Organization

To form a cohesive group and to work with other organizations

Executive Committee


Haravu Lokesh, M.D.



Laxman Prasad, DDS.

Vice President


Ramesh Gowda, DDS

Vice President


Renuka Ramappa, M.D.

Vice President

Satish Magery.jpeg

Satish Magery, M.D.



Anil K Ram, M.D.



M.S. Krishna, M.D.

Past President


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